ab|sent «adjective, preposition. AB suhnt; verb. ab SEHNT», adjective, verb, preposition.
1. not present (at a place); away: »

Three members of the class are absent today. I will be absent from work tomorrow.

2. not existing; lacking: »

Snow is absent in some countries. In certain fishes the ribs are entirely absent.

3. absent-minded: »

The old man passed us with an absent look. I lost all my gaiety, became absent and thoughtful (Tobias Smollett).

to take or keep (oneself) away; withdraw: »

Do not absent yourself from school without good reason.

lacking; without: »

Absent more and better research, it seemed sensible to initiate study (Bulletin of Atomic Scientists).

[< Latin absēns, -entis, present participle of abesse be away < ab- away + esse to be]
ab|sent´er, noun.
ab´sent|ly, adverb.
ab´sent|ness, noun.

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